Washer and Dryer Repair in Seattle,Wa

Keeping your washer and dryer running through thick and thin

Washers and dryers are an essential part of our daily lives; we all need them for the benefit and prerequisite of being able to wear clean clothes every day. Consequently, when the washer or dryer are not in working order, it can cause a major disaster especially if we have kids who need clean school uniforms and sports kit daily.

Unfortunately it goes without saying that everyone who owns a washer or dryer will need it repaired/serviced at some stage during the appliance’s life cycle. We, at Appliance Repair Seattle, are committed to offering a fully comprehensive washer and dryer repair service in Seattle. Contact us for washer and dryer repair in Seattle, Wa. We will send one of our expert technicians out to attend to your call.

The vagaries of modern washers

Modern washers are geared more towards efficiency than anything else, which means that they can be fairly fragile. They are also designed to be "green" which means that they have to use less water and electricity, amongst other things. Manufacturers are having to add an ever-increasing number of computerized parts and sensors to every washer they manufacturer. Examples of computerized parts and sensors include motor control boards, computerized pressure switches, as well as sensors that measure the amount of water that is pumped into your washer.

A washer can be very volatile because of all of the sensors and safety devices that have been built into the unit. If one or more of these components stops functioning or has come disconnected for some reason, the unit will usually completely stop and give you an error code on the display. If this happens, make sure to write the error code down, keep it, and show our specialist washer and dryer repair in Seattle, Wa when he/she attends to your call. Our technicians will utilize this information when inspecting your washer for breakdowns.

The contrariety of modern dryers

For reasons similar to a modern washer, a modern dryer is a sensitive appliance. In order to reduce every dryer’s carbon footprint, manufacturers are having to add a snowballing number of computer chips and sensors to every dryer they manufacturer, resulting in a greater chance of the unit breaking down. Consequently, it is vital to keep an appliance repair company’s number on speed-dial who specializes in washer and dryer repair in Seattle, Wa. At Appliance Repair Seattle, we have employed some of the finest technical experts in the industry. We are able to repair your dryer in no time at all.

Final words

Should you be in a situation where your washer or dryer is misbehaving, our skilled technical experts at Appliance Repair Seattle, believe that it is important for you to err on the side of caution and give us a call. One of our experienced technicians will come and take a look at the unit. Keep our number handy! We are specialists in washer and dryer repair in Seattle, Wa
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