Microwave repair in Seattle, WA

Keeping your microwave operational through good and bad times

Microwave ovens are excessively dangerous and need to be repaired and maintained by highly-skilled, experienced technicians. At Appliance Repair Seattle, we pride ourselves that we prioritize our clients' microwave repair in Seattle, WA.

Our staff complement is made up of highly skilled, experienced microwave technicians, who will  attend to your callout in a professional, efficient manner. All of our trucks carry a wide range of spare parts allowing us to solve your issues in an organized, cost-effective manner.

What is a microwave and how does it operate?

A microwave oven is an oven that uses microwaves to cook, heat, and defrost frozen food and drinks. Microwaves are a type of electromagnetic radiation and are transmitted in waves or particles at different wavelengths and frequencies. The reason why microwave ovens are so quick and efficient is because they transfer energy directly to the molecules inside the food or drink that is inside the microwave.

A microwave oven is consists of a transformer and a high voltage capacitor; they work together to power the magnetron. Most transformers generate about one thousand two hundred volts of electricity. This, in turn, powers the high voltage capacitor, storing between  nine hundred and two thousand volts. The transformer and the capacitor work together to deliver around four to five thousands volts to the magnetron.

Microwave ovens have a number of safety devices are designed to trigger in case the unit is not operating properly.  When anyone of these safety measures are triggered, it will usually completely terminate the electric cycle of the microwave and not allow it to operate at all. Call us when your microwave stops operating. We will come out and attend to your microwave repair in Seattle, WA.

Why choose Appliance Repair Seattle?

All of our highly-skilled, professional staff are uniformed, presentable, and knowledgeable about all types of microwave ovens. All our technicians are enrolled in our continuous education program ensuring that they keep up to date with the latest microwave technologies and how to repair and service the latest microwave ovens.

We guarantee both our labour and spare parts. We are confident that all of our technicians will go above what is required of them during your microwave repair in Seattle, WA, and we only purchase spare parts that are reliable and trustworthy; thus, allowing us to guarantee both our technicians labour and the replacement parts.

Our technicians will investigate your faulty microwave and inform you of your options before going ahead with the repair work. If they believe it is more cost-effective for you to purchase a new microwave, they will let you know. On the other hand, if they believe they can repair your unit then they will only go ahead with your express permission.

Final words

Should you be in in the middle of entertaining guests or hosting a dinner party, and your microwave packs up, don’t despair, contact us at Appliance Repair Seattle and our skilled technicians will arrive shortly after your your in order to investigate and repair your microwave.

Keep our number handy! We are specialists in microwave repair in Seattle, WA.

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