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Appliance repair by appliance experts in Seattle

At Appliance Repair Seattle, our goal is to provide timeous, reliable service throughout the Seattle area. Whether it's a commercial refrigeration system that is malfunctioning or a domestic refrigerator that won't keep your items cool anymore, we make it our mission to identify and solve the problem in a decisive, cost-effective manner.

Time- and money-saving refrigeration repair

We are the appliance experts in Seattle; thus our motto is that refrigeration repair can be cost-effective, not prohibitive in cost. After investigating the problem, our skilled technicians will present you with your options and answer any questions you might have. We'll only repair your refrigerator with your approval to further reduce your expenses. On the other hand, if it makes sense to replace rather than repair your refrigerator, we'll be honest with you. You can rest assured. We won't repair your refrigerator when it is more cost-effective to replace it. Our aim is to empower and inform you by giving you the details you need to make an intelligent decision before you authorize any repairs.

Our refrigeration repair services include:

• Maintenance and repair of any appliance
• Maintenance and repair of refrigeration compressors
• Maintenance and repair of all makes and models of refrigerators
• Repair and maintenance of commercial refrigeration systems
• Repair, replacement and installation of thermostats
• Residential and commercial refrigeration repairs

Why choose Appliance Repair Seattle to repair your appliances

Our appliance experts in Seattle are knowledgeable and highly skilled in all aspects of appliance-related repairs, from household appliances to commercial refrigeration and cooling systems. Not only do we repair domestic refrigerators and commercial refrigeration systems, we are also experienced with the repair and maintenance across all categories of appliances, inclusive of stoves, air conditions, heating and cooling systems, refrigerators, dishwashers, washers, and dryers.

Here are some of the reasons why many of our happy clients keep on coming back:  
  • Our proven track record throughout Seattle speaks for itself
  • We pride ourselves on our expeditious, attentive, and polite service
  • Our prices are equitable and competitive
  • We keep a full stock of the most common parts on hand
  • Our trucks are always fully stocked when our technicians arrive on site
  • Our schedule is flexible in order to help you in any emergency

Why you shouldn't hesitate to give Appliance Repair Seattle a call

Postponing repairs is never a good idea as it tends to do more harm than good to your refrigeration system. Call our appliance experts in Seattle even if you suspect a problem with your refrigeration system. We will come out, assess the problem, and finally provide an independent assessment. We will never insist on repairs and maintenance that you don't need. If, however, there is an issue that needs to be addressed, we will be open and upfront about the issue. Finally, we will respect any decision you make. Don't let your refrigeration headaches linger. Call our customer service center today to request a quotation from one of our knowledgeable appliance experts in Seattle.